As part of our vision, PALM seeks to provide emotional and spiritual support, biblical resources and financial assistance for those experiencing end of life challenges. Your donation helps support these areas of service.

PALM is responsible for raising its financial support. To facilitate this, PALM applied for and received Agent status with the Great Commission Foundation (GCF) in Canada and its USA counterpart, the Friends of the Great Commission (FGC).  

GCF and FGC together provide invaluable receipting, bookkeeping and government reporting services.

We are so grateful for God’s servants at GCF & FGC! They free us to focus on PALM. -Paul & Kathleen

In Canada, click below to donate online:

Canada Flag The Great Commission Foundation

In the United Status, click below to donate online:

United States Flag Friends of The Great Commission


Unless otherwise designated (see below), donations are used to support PALM’s general program. 

Humphreys Support

PALM Missionaries, Paul & Kathleen Humphreys, have served as career missionaries for over 4 decades.  The Humphreys are now trusting God for their best years yet in PALM—to serve as long as health and strength allow. Support donations help supplement their income.  

We are humbled by the care and confidence of our financial sponsors. -Paul & Kathleen 

Project Support
  • PALM Posters are offered freely without charge as downloads from our website. Creative costs and copyright licensing fees for images are funded by donations. 
  • PALM Respite is a Samaritan-style provision for weary caregivers of terminally-ill patients. Qualified healthcare agencies are contracted by PALM as God supplies.

Questions about donating to PALM? Contact us.